Car Accident Lawyer Charleston, SC

When you’ve been in an accident – whether it is a car wreck, a fall, or an animal attack – it is critical that you take it upon yourself to secure and preserve the evidence that you can as soon as possible. Sometimes that includes what you can secure within the minutes immediately following the incident. Oftentimes, an insurance carrier will try to limit the value of your car wreck claim by taking the position that your vehicle didn’t sustain an extraordinary amount of property damage. It is important to not only take photos of your own vehicle, but to also capture photographs of the other vehicles involved in the collision if possible. Many times, the damage is worse to the car of the person who caused the wreck. Document this at the scene while you have the opportunity to do so. If you don’t take the photos while you can, that evidence may disappear or become unavailable at a later date. 

With an animal attack, it is important to take photographs of the wounds at as many different phases of the healing process as possible. Make sure that you send photos to your lawyer as soon as possible so that if anything happens to your camera or cell phone, your lawyer has the photos. If you’ve sustained injuries that require you to wear a cast or a brace that you can save, make sure that you preserve that evidence. All of these things could be helpful to show to a jury later down the road if your case ends up at trial. 

Remember that at-fault parties can lose or destroy evidence and oftentimes they are incentivized or motivated to lose evidence that may be favorable to your case. It is important to do what you can to secure the evidence that you can secure on your own and to supply your lawyer with that evidence.